Would You Rather Book Tag

10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Tag”

  1. THANK YOU FOR HATING DOG-EARING PAGES 😂 I can’t stand it too! And yes, libraries under the sea are the best. Space can feel so lonely, but if it’s under the sea there’s some life and scenery.

    Your 2 new questions are so interesting! Because I can’t help it, I’ll answer #1 – I would go crazy if I had to read just one genre, and I usually cycle between different genres anyway as “palette cleansers”. Sometimes I want to read something with adventure and romance, and sometimes I just want to read about nasty people being nasty to each other. 😂

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    1. Yes! It’s the worst! 😂 And a underwater library could definitely be beautiful!

      Understandable! That is what I would pick as well because switching genres keeps me entertained! Thanks for reading! 🙃

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