October Wrap-Up and November Read-A-Thin 2020

5 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up and November Read-A-Thin 2020”

  1. All American Muslim Girl is one that I want to read! I love Backman’s other works so I definitely need to get to Anxious People at some point. And I also really like the sound of the bookcon fairytale inspired series and should read the first one. You read so much! I hope the readathon goes well in November x

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    1. Yeah! All American Muslim girl was really good and interesting! I loved Anxious People, and it made me want to read some of Backman’s other books! You should definitely read the Geekerella series if you’re interested. They’re cheesy, but I love them. I think the first one is my favorite, followed by the third, and then the second 🙃. Thanks for reading! Happy November!❤️

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